Florabundance is new love

Friday, May 15, 2009

I am all about nude lips and here is my latest found that I think it's worth mentioning -- MAC Florabundance Lipglass!

Since I already have full drawer of beige/pinkish nude products, I was searching for a more peachy nude lips for summer, something warmer for my summer tan skin.

I saw this one on the site and remember seeing a girl talking about it on Youtube so I decided to give it a try. Unlike other MAC cult fave nude lipglasses like C-thru, Underage and Oyster Girl... Florabundance is a much neglected and underrated product that I feel it should deserve more love. I don't remember how they describe it on MAC website, if Underage is milky baby pink, then Florabundance will be milky baby peach. It's very opaque and glossy.

And I have to say it does go on more even and smoother than C-thru and Underage. If you are like me love the opaque nude lipglasses but can't work with C-thru and Underage, definitely try this one.

Happy Friday everyone!


Drugstore glow... LOVE!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some glowing goodness that I found at drugstore -- Prestige Skin Loving Minerals bronzer in Glam Tan and Tokyo Rose lipstick.

Since I've been wanting to try a new bronzer, I came across to this baby - the infamous MAC MSF dupe. I've heard some good things about it and man...... I was surprised how pretty it is, I absolutely love it!

It gives the prettiest golden sheen, not as orangy as Warm MSF and not as rosy as So Ceylon, just the perfect gold. It is actually softer than MSF and very easy to apply. Maybe the staying power is not as good as MSF, but hey it is drugstore makeup, for the price and the prettiest sheen, i don't mind to reapply during the day :)

The Tokyo Rose LS is ok. It's frost finish and just give your lips a "I just came back from the beach" look. Not that special, I probably have many of the same things in my drawer already. But if you don't have something like this already, it is very pretty for a bronzy summer look!

Prestige Glam Tan bronzer on cheeks
Prestige Tokyo Rose on lips
UD Deluxe Palette(Peace/Zero) on lids

What's your new found love from drugstore? Aren't you just happy that you found something good unexpectedly :)


Early Mother's Day Gift & Accessories Haul

Friday, May 8, 2009

Yay~ more goodies :)))

Couple weeks ago it was suddenly turning hot in NY during the weekend, so hubby decided to drive me and Jacob to Woodbury Outlet in upsate NY just to walk around and enjoy the weather. As always I found something there that I can't resist, of course. Who can just walk around without getting anything at Woodbury ? Nobody! If you've ever been there you know what I am talking about (excuses... excuses :D)

So I was browsing at Tod's and found this bag that I absolutely LOVE. It's a tote and it's leather in my favorite color and it's Tod's, it's light and it has my name written all over it! I never plan to buy another bag since we were just out of the house to enjoy the sun... when I was debating and couldn't drag my ass out of the store, hubby grabbed the bag and told me it's going to be an early mother's day gift and got it for me. Yay!!! I was super excited. Thank you babe for the surprise :D

A bag just like any of my other bags(that's what hubby discribed). Yeah! My die-hard love for tote and new stinky leather smell. Wahahaha :))))

Later on that day, I got this necklace at Juicy. I've always found Juicy a little too bling before, but I really like this one. It's actually really tiny, about the size of my pinkie.

How cute~~ I love the details

More accessories that i got this week from Laila Rowe. They have big variety of jewry in all colors and I found these 2 pieces at the same grey/black/silver section. I'm really drown to the bracelet that has big flower on it and a big grey flower is hard to find :) I think it will give a cool look when pair with a simple dress. Also a long necklace with black pearl inside the carved heart will go nicely with just some plain Ts and tank tops.


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