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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Since I'm moving to a new apartment next month, I finally had the chance to get some stuff together for sale. Some new and some lightly used... I have too much stuff, haha... If you have question on any particular item, please don't hesitate to contact me :)

If you are interested in anything please comment below or you can email me at with following information:

1. The item(s) in which you are interested.
2. Your e-mail for your Paypal account so I can send you the invoice.

* I will only ship to US at this time.
* For all cosmetics, shipping is $3 for one item, for each additional add $1 (For handbag shipping is $9).
* There is no return. Thank you ^__^

**SOLD**MAC Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder from Heatherette
Swiped 2x - $13

**SOLD**MAC Snowgirl Lipglass (LE)

Brand New - $10

MAC Viva Glam VI

used 1X - $9

**SOLD**MAC Girl Friendly Paint Pot from Fafi

used 2x - $9

**SOLD**MAC Green Stroke (LE)
used 1x - $9

**SOLD**MAC Fresh Green Mix Mineralized Eye Shadow
Swipe 1x - $12

**SOLD**MAC Mi'Lady Mineralized Eye Shadow

swiped 2x - $10

**SOLD**MAC Eye Shadow Pro Pan in Deep Truth(left) & Pink Freeze(right)
used 1x - $7 each

**SOLD**MAC Brassy Fluidline (LE)
used 1x - $8

**SOLD**Benefit Bunny Hop Cream Eyeshadow/Liner

used 2x - $7

Stila Ulta Mate Pink Lip Glaze

Brand New - $9

Stila Convertible Color for Lips and Cheeks
. Gladiola (left) & Lilium (right)
Both used no more than 2x - $10 each

**SOLD**NARS Balance Foundation in Santa Fe
(this is a great foundation but a tad too light for me)
used 2X - $17

**ALL SOLD**NARS Duo Lip Gloss (from top to bottom)
-Giza/Boogie Nights(SOLD)
-Chihuahua/Rose Birman(SOLD)
-Harlow/Sweet Dreams (SOLD)
They are either brand new or swatch 1x - $10 each

**SOLD**NARS Isolde Duo Eye Shadow 
used 2x - $15

**SOLD**Coach Bleecker Large Leather Duffle in Maroon

$140 (original $400+)

I'd only used this bag 1x before and it has been sitting in my handbag hall of fame (I have too many bags) haha... this bag is practically new. Due to the natural of genuine leather it does have little scratch marks at the bottom and the body when I first bought it, but nothing major and they are not very noticeable. (click the pics to see the details)

*The shipping for the bag is $9. It also comes with its original dust bag.


My Favorite Nude Lips (MAC, NARS, YSL)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Here are few of my fave lipsticks that I use on daily basis. I didn't put any of my fave MAC LE lipsticks here coz I haven't feel like using them much since they are hard to find (like 3N & St. Germain). All my favorites are in nude and baby pink family. I'm a big fan of pale lips and MAC has large selection of those and they are not overly pricey.

I have pigmented lips and tend to go for the finishes that have more coverage and none drying. MAC Creamsheen and Amplified are my favorite finishes, they're very moisturizing and give the most coverage (I do like Lustre but wish it has more coverage). Angel(frost) and Hue(glaze) are nice coz they are not as dry as other frost and glaze ones, and the prettiest baby pinks compliment almost all skin tones.

Blankety was my first nude lipstick since long time ago and I'm still loving it these days. I found it a little similar to Creme d'nude on my lips, just a tad more brown.

Angel and Cream Cup are almost the same. Angel is very smooth and not drying compare with other frost finishes. They are more pink compare with the rest but still lighter than my own lips.

Hue is a sexy color and it will be a 10 if it's not a Glaze. I do need to scrub my lips really well before I put this on. It's so preeeety on smooth and pouty lips. I'm hoping to find something that has exact color but in different finish... 

I'm also a big fan of NARS Chelsea girls lip lacquer. The color is almost identical to YSL Rouge Volupte #2 Sensual Silk. They are pinky beige, not as beige as Creme d'nude and not as pink as Angel. They are the perfect nude lips for me and they both give really good coverage. YSL has weak staying power but it has yummy melon taste and it's a pleasure to apply! These 2 are my perfect nudes (how many time I'm saying this, haha). I will always stick with them if I don't have so many MACs waiting for me to use :)

So this is it! my favorite nude lips... they are pretty much the same colors but I still want more! If you know something that's worth trying, do let me know ;)


The Body Shop body butter pickups

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I pick up 2 body butters at The Body Shop last week. As now they have 2 for $30 for all body butters promotion. So go pick them up while you can, only twice a year the sales girl said.

I love their body butters in general. I have dry skin all year round and these babies work the best. My all time favorite scents are Shea butter and Coconut.

Their shea butter has this really clean light scent that I never get tired of, and the coconut is the most natural and yummy coconut I've ever smell, not overly sweet and milky at all.

I use perfume on daily basis and these body butters works well with most of my perfumes. The Shea butter smells clean and the scent goes away pretty quickly. The coconut one works well with my summer perfumes, smells divine with the ones that has coconut and tropical fruit notes. After trying so many different body moisturizers, I keep going back for these. They are definitely my HG!

I also pick up a lip butter... I saw lollipop26 talked about it in her video so decided to check it out. It's not a very thick lip balm but it's moisturizing enough. It's dragon fruit flavor I believe and it tastes so yummy! I don't really use it underneath lipsticks as it is a bit runny.

I might take advantage of the sale and pick up a few more body butters :) Do you like them? What's your favorite?


DSK Giveaway and Weekend FOTD

Monday, July 13, 2009

I got 2 packages last week and I'm completely in love -- Geo circle lenses and DSK Jewelry :)

I finally got myself some of DSK jewelry after seeing so many gals blogged about it. Just like all her satisfied customers, I'm happy with all the pieces that I got :) Her style is simple and elegant, and I love that her stuff are all customizable, and she's very nice to work with (big plus :))

Stephanie (DSK owner) has a giveaway contest you all have to check out.... Go here to win some of her beautiful creations!

I've been gone for so long, finally here is a pic from the weekend...

Things that I've been loving (on my face)
-NARS Sugarland duo
-MAC Earth to Earth Mineralized blush
-Hue l/s (rediscovered this, love!!!)
-Geo Angel Brown
-DSK signature heart gold necklace

I'm still waiting more orders from Geo Eye candy. Wait and more wait... you all know getting those lenses needs lots of patience, and I have no patience... lol...

What do you all think about MAC Color Craft collection? I'm so overwhelmed with this collection... so many MSFs!  They're used to be my babies, those LE MSFs, I'd bought lots of them, sold them, got more of them... swap for more of them... and decided not to care about them... coz they are all so pretty and all so dupable, and I can never catch up with the speed of MAC!

So far I didn't get any from the Color Craft collection(thinking about Color Craft Lipstick tho). Haha! Go me :) Guess I'm over MSFs... move over MSFs, give me some NARS Lolita collection (must check out the new ES duos, they are TO DIE FOR!)


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