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Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello everyone!

I'm very excited to share these handmade necklaces with you all! I've been working on these pieces for a while and really like how they turn out :) I love charms, I'm a big collector and I like to work with them very much, they are simple, dainty, and they tell stories. I hope you like them just as I do... I definitely enjoy making them very much :)

For now, I only have one for each, they are first come first serve. If you love what you see, here is how...

Email me at shung1005@yahoo.com
- Tell me the item you are interested.
- Paypal only. Please remember to include your Paypal address in your email.
- Shipping is $3.00 in US, $5.00 Outside of the US.

My jewelry blog Sweet Remix will debut soon. I will keep you all posted so stay tune :)

The Ladybug Necklace
Swarovski Light Siam flower pendant
Antiqued Gold ladybug charm
16" 14k gold plated chain
(only 1 available)

This was my first inspiration on this series... loves it. They work so well together :)

The Butterfly Necklace
Swarovski Fuchsia flower pendant
Antiqued Gold butterfly charm
17" 14K gold plated chain
(only 1 available)

The Sailor Necklace
Swarovski Crystal Rosaline Moon Pendant
Antiqued Gold Anchor pendant
17" 14K gold plated chain
(only 1 available)

so girly... I LOVE THIS ONE!

The Lucky Koi
Swarovski Jet Octagon Pendant
Antiqued Silver Koi pendant
16" Sterling Silver chain
(only 1 available)

This is hubby's favorite, he loves the oriental spiritual essence in this piece. haha... i told him I will make him one when I find a bigger fish :)

The OM Necklace
Swarovski Amethyst Polygon Pendant
Antiqued Silver OM charm
18" sterling silver chain
(only 1 available)

Polygon Pendant is my favorite Swarovski pendant hands down! I love the asymmetrical facets, it's just so unique... works so well with OM pendant.

My Email: shung1005@yahoo.com

Thanks for looking everyone :)


Collective Jewelry Haul

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I found some cute jewelry from sample sale last week and would like to share with you all :D They are from a company that make jewelry for brand names from Marc Jacobs, J-Crew, Banana Republic to JC penny... there are mountain of jewelry to choose from and I only got these pieces... lol... I like simple things that stand out by itself and I had so much fun digging into the bins and pick these babies out :)

Gold hoop earring with pink gemstones. I like the gold chain with pink... so feminine.

Clear beads bracelet - It makes statement in a simple way~

Isn't this unique? the wood anchor pendant necklace, so summery. I wanna go sailing in the ocean :)

Dainty gold necklace with 3 tiny charms, They are so cute and organic.

My haul from sample sale :)

I also found these cute bow earrings and necklace at the mall not long ago. They are not in a set. I like the bow diamond studs the most, so bling and elegant...

Jewelry shopping is so much fun :)


Camera Time... FOTD (new goodies from Starflash)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I was playing with the few things that I got from MAC new Starflash today and I want to show you some FOTD (haven't done that in awhile). My skin is acting up lately so I feel a bit self conscious, haha... I feel like it is time to fresh up my skin care routine(my wallet's gonna hurt), coz the sun really dry out my skin badly, and I want a real effective anti aging serum! Please do recommend if you know something that's worth trying out :)

I really like the Starflash eyeshadows in this round. I thought I was done with MAC eyeshadows but not for these babies. I've been using Smoke & Diamond alot for work, the color is just gorgeous! and today i finally tried Strike a Pose, a very unique dark teal color that took me awhile to find(sold out! sold out!).

I really like those pearlglide eye liners too, they are so creamy and sparkling. I got Fly by Blue, a mysterious dark blue with lots of glitters, pure love! You guys remember Wolf? A dark gray gun metal color that came in the first round pearlglide liners last year, MAC didn't repromote it in this round :( I really want to get my hands on it, how can MAC forgot an eyeliner got such a sexy name with such a gorgeous color...

EDM foundation (golden medium + olive Medium)
Studio Sculpt concealer NC30
NARS Laguna Bronzer
MAC Accentuate highlight powder
MAC Goddess blush

French Cuff LE(Lid)
Strike a Pose(outer crease)
Nano Gold(highlight)
Fly by Blue Pearlglide liner
CG Lash Blast

Lip Fusion lip plump Clear
MAC Fleshpot + Cherish

Contact lenses-
Geo Nudy Gray

I like Geo Nudy alot. Don't they make my eyes look misty and huge :) The best thing is, they are thinner than Geo Angel series and I can wear them for few extra hours without feeling uncomfortable... found my favorite circle lenses :)


Blog sale (new site with more makeup, jewelry and accessories)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello everyone~

I'm having another blog sale and I had created a better place for it...

I plan to share more things in my accessories collection and will be showing you some of my handmade crafts very soon so stay tune :D

Have a great night everyone~


My Purse Collection (Most Used & Favorites)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I've been meaning to do this post for awhile but so lazy to take all the bags out and take pics... me such a lazy blogger lol... since I just recently moved to a new home, I finally got a chance to take some pix before I organize them in my closet.

Living in NY with limited space, I had sold some and gave some away from time to time... I try to only keep the ones I absolutely love, but you know... it's just too hard for a woman with bag fetish like me, haha...

I'm a big fan of Louis Vuitton(who isn't) and Italian leather, here are some of my most frequent used and favorite ones --

LV Damier Saleya MM - My carry all work bag. Papers, lunch and occasionally shopping bags all go into it :) I initially got a GM and thought I will use it as diaper bag or when I go to the gym... ended up I exchanged it for a MM coz GM was just too humongous to carry around. I'm so glad I got this one instead coz it's a perfect size for work :)

LV Mono Speedy 30 - My first designer bag(Speedy seems to be lots of girls first designer bag for some reason :)), I had it for about 9 years, bought it with my first month salary of my first career in my life, it went through life's ups and downs with me... remember the time when I ate ramen noodles everyday and lived in the basement apt... and once I almost sold it coz financial trouble, lol... after all these years she still here with me! A bag that can tell my naive little life stories I guess :)

I don't use it as much as before coz now with a baby, a bag that can go over the shoulder seems more convenient... hubby knew I treasure this bag, he bought me a bag chain to decorate it. It's like an old lady with new bling... still gorgeous isn't it ? :D

LV Tivoli GM - Just got it recently from hubby for our anniversary. I heart it :D haven't carry it out under the sun yet. It definitely has a feeling of carry a Speedy, but it also works as a shoulder bag, just exactly what I need. YAY!!!

Tod's Large Satchel - It was love at the first sight, simple, classic and roomy... and the leather was just sooooooo nice :)

Satchel from B. Makowsky - I carry it for grocery...baby's doctor app... my worry free carry around bag. Love that it has a long strap so I can wear it crossbody when I need it.

No. It is not from Chloe :) It's from a local designer brand from Brooklyn called Sabina. Their style is kinnda fashionable and funky(Urban Outfitter sometimes carries them). I didn't know the original style was from Chloe before I purchased it haha.... It's a bit on the heavy side but I love the style :)

Satchel from Saks - It also has strap that can go over the shoulder. The more I wear it the better it looks.

Can you tell all my bags are similar... I luv floppy bags :D

A bag also from long time ago... I love the ruffles on this Italian suede satchel, from Inge.

Another suede shoulder bag with animal print... adds hippie flavor on the casual day.
(brand unknown)

Lastly, I will just leave you all with a pure gorgeousness... A bag that I wish I could have but no longer available...

The long discontinued Mirage Speedy Burgundy... classic with a twist. I could pay ridiculous price for a second hand(which I won't) or I could probably get a knock off online or something, but, who wants a knock off...


Taupes Comparison (MAC, NARS)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I pick up Style Snob from the new Starflash collection the other day and I immediately thought about my other taupey babies in the family so I wanted to do a comparison :) I'm always a big fan of taupey colors and my all time fave is the infamous MAC Satin Taupe. A metal, brownish taupe that MAC has it in every holiday smoky eye palette(I happened to have 3).

NARS single eye shadow Ashes to Ashes is a close dupe for Satin Taupe, just a bit less pigmented and a little less brown. One of my favorite NARS eye shadow.

NARS Cairo is a lighter and warmer taupe that can work as highlighter on darker skin tone. It's hard to describe this color... I use it all over the lid for a casual day.

MAC Style Snob looks similar to Satin Taupe from outside but definitely has more purple and pink when swatch on skin. I was immediately drawn to this color when I saw the collection. Haven't tried it on my eyes but I know it's gonna be gorgeous!

There are some other taupes in my collection, like MAC Sweet Sienna pigment(similar to Satin Taupe), MAC Family Silver(taupey silver), and MAC Shale(taupey purple) are also my favorites :)


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