Lunch time swatches - Style Black

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today during the lunch time, I went to the MAC store near job to see if they have the Style Black collection out already since they usually have the collection out early. I asked the MA and he told me it's out on Thursday but will let me take a peek. I looked at everything there, did some swatches on my hand, mainly on the items that I'm interested in.

This collection will def be loved by people who like dramatic looks. Some of the products are really amazing and have great color payoff, just in time for Halloween makeup.

I'm impressed with the Mineralized eye shadows, very pigmented and soft. They are basically all black base with blue, burgundy, silver and gold glitters. The glitters are very fine(unlike NARS night series) so it goes on really smooth. I have my eyes on the silver(Cinderfella) and the burgundy(Young Punk).

Personally I can't pull off the black lipstick but Black Knight is very creamy and pigmented, I can see it will be a popular item in the collection.

I was originally interested in the Greasepaint Stick the most. It reminds me of the more intense, creamy version of the shade stick. The color is super rich and supposed to be water/smudge proof. It can be used as liner or base. This is a true black, it's darker than Blackground p/p and Sharkskin shade stick (I have both and thinking about picking this one up).

I like both Mattene lipsticks, Midnight Media is a near-black, semi-matte creamy color. The color is even more intense than Black Knight. I personally like Night Violet, it's a very pretty burgundy.

All in all I'm in love with the Mineralized eye shadows in the collection, and will pick up a couple. Do you like this collection? What do you like? 


Weekend Recap...

Monday, September 21, 2009

So last weekend I had a chance to help a friend with her fashion show at Brooklyn Fashion Festival. The designer Jade Chiu is a talented accessory designer and her pieces are inspired by Chinese 12 animal signs with western funkiness.

I was one of the makeup artist(there are 2 of us) and we came up with the look of dark brown/black smokey eyes for the dramatic effect. We had to do the makeup at the dim light environment and since we arrived late we had to rush back to back to finish all the models. It was a bit intense but I had great time doing it :) Here are a few dolls I'd worked on...

working pic...

It was so rush I didn't get a chance to take close pictures for each model... next time I will have to snap some good shots no matter what ;)

Last weekend was all about Brooklyn. The next day, Me, hubby and Jacob went to Dim Sun for lunch in a famous restaurant in Brooklyn Chinatown (I was busy eating and forgot to take pics, haha...) After lunch we walked around the area and I found this tiny beauty shop inside of a small shopping center, here is what I found...

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask
Got it for $15. I've heard good things about it, will let y'all know how I like it ;)

And a completely random pic. I took it at a small aquarium in Brooklyn that we walked by... the big fish just won't let go of the small one, he was swimming everywhere like this like forever... poor little fish :(

Have a great week everyone!


3 things I'm sad to hit pan on...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First of all, I want to thank all the new followers and wish y'all good luck with the contest ;)

It's just a random post today...

I've never try to do the Project 10 pans (or 5 pans) coz I know I will never succeed... haha. I don't do impulse buy but when there is something that I really want, I can't wait.

I usually feel happy and sense of achievement when I hit pan on makeup items, like eyeshadows and blushes. I recently hit pan on some stuff I actually feel sad about ... mainly coz they are good products, fairly pricey, and they work for me.

Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Cream
StriVectin-SD Eye Cream
NARS Laguna Bronzer

They are definitely items I will repurchase, but my curious natural told me to look what's out there... so I'm kinda struggling now. I've been just putting on lots of serum or do leave on mask everyday, haha...

I'm actually already on my second Laguna, so that one doesn't count, just wanna show you all how big a pan I hit... lol ;)

On the other hand, a product I probably will never hit pan on...

I thought I like it when I first tried it in the store, but after bought it I'm just not too crazy about the smell. I use it very slowly, the only thing that keep me reaching for it is the SPF23, on those days when I need a little sun protection without whole face makeup.

What's the skincare product you keep repurchasing?


Join My First Giveaway (Jewelry, MAC, VS, Brushes)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello Everyone~

I decided to host a giveaway coz I have reached 100 followers :) I've been a lazy blogger (mom of a toddler w/a full time job)... but I really enjoy blogging and I'm thankful to have you guys here, coz that's what make blogging truly wonderful :)

This Giveaway is open to worldwide. I will be giving one grand price with 4 items total, including my Sweet Remix Jewelry, a favorite MAC and some new found loves that I want to share with everyone. Here are the prices...

1. Sweet Remix Dainty Charm Necklace
Swarovski Light Siam/Fuchia flower pendant
Antiqued Gold ladybug/butterfly charm
16" 14k gold plated chain
Ladybug or Butterfly - Your choice

2. MAC Baby Sparks Dazzleglass

Baby Sparks is looooove. I have 3 backups, give one away~

3. VS Makeup Christian Siriano Kajal Eye Liner
It's my absolute favorite liner right now (blogged about it in my previous post). I've been using this Egyptian inspired kohl liner everyday, it's amazing. I went to 3 VS stores and finally was able to snatch 2 of them(1 for my back up, 1 for the price.) You got to try this fierce liner!

4. VS 5 Pieces Makeup Brush Set
Cute and great for travel~


There are 2 ways to enter

Regular Entry:
- You have to be my follower on this blog and my jewelery blog Sweet Remix (have to follow both to be qualified as an entry), then leave a comment in this post simply state "I'm following you". That's all.

Gold Star Entry:
- Be a follower on both blogs, then post a link on your blog about my Giveaway and leave a comment to let me know your blog post link. Don't have a blog? Twitter this Giveaway will do :)
(If the winner is a Gold Star Entry, the Gold Star Entry winner will receive an EXTRA PRICE on top of the giveaway prices)
and no... I'm not talking about Hello Kitty stickers kinda price ^_^

Don't forget to leave me your email so I can contact you.

Winner will be drawn by Contest ends Oct 11th at Midnight (EST).

Good Luck Everyone~


Update and NARS/VS Haul

Monday, September 7, 2009

! finally my jewelry blog is up and running. Check it out ^_^

Hope everyone is having a great holiday so far. I just came back from a week vacation with hubby and I'm just happy that we still have few days to relax before returning back to work :) We went on a road trip to VA and DC, stopped by Atlantic City for some beach time and roller coasters at Great Adventure in NJ. We had tons of fun :)

I got a package after coming back from the trip. The NARS Pleasures of Paris palette that I ordered from Saks before went on my trip. Yay! I can't wait to play with this palette. I have many of NARS duos and don't have any of the color in this palette besides Cordura on the lower right corner(well, it's a useful color, guess I can live with that, haha). This palette is so neutral and all colors compliment each other very well.


I also pick up some goodies form Victoria Secrets. I do like VS makeup, some of their eyeshadows and lippes are nice and pigmented. They had revamped their line recently and here are what I got:

I pick up the PRO Voluptuous FX Mascara which works surprisingly good. It's pretty much like L'Oreal Voluptuous, the lash stay soft and not clumping. I also pick up their new Silky Eyeshadow in Between the sheets... love the name :) The shadow is very soft, it's almost like cream to powder kind of texture, very pigmented. This color reminds me a bit of MAC Mulch.

The thing I feel the most excited about is the Christian Siriano Kajal Eye Liner. This guy is so "fierce" and fashion forward, and the makeup is not disappointing. The liner is inspired by ancient Egyptian beauty, supposed to give a smudged, smoky effect. I tried it today, the color is very rich and last all day. Thumbs up!

- VS Silky Eyeshadow in Between the sheets
-VS PRO Voluptuous FX Mascara
-VS Christian Siriano Kajal Eye Liner
-MAC Hue Lipstick
(don't mind my eyebrows... I was like a kid can't wait to smear new toy on my lids haha...)

I'm impressed wtih VS new makeup, will go back for some more :)

Autumn Love Bracelet

- A new piece from my jewelry blog :)

Happy Labor Day Everyone!


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