Wednesday Face and Tag!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday work face with NARS Cordura Duo and Angel lipstick, I really looooove these 2 :)

I've been meaning to do this tag but keep putting it off cuz it was so busy at work. Thanks to Makeup Mama and Dreamer Dreamer for tagging me :) So here we go--

• What is your current obsession?
hmm... I've been really obsessed about finding a perfect bronzer lately. I just tried Smashbox Suntan matte and decided it is not my favorite. I'm sticking with my Laguna for now and just ordered another one. I'm open to find a new bronzer that gives me the perfect glow this summer.

• What is your weirdest obsession?
I'm obsessed with the yogurt ice cream from Red Mango and need to have it everyday with one crunchy and one fruit toppings...ok, it is not weird at all... makeup wise I'm into all shades of browns, bronzes and purples... ok, not weird.

• What are you wearing today?
Jeans, tank top and off the shoulder thin sweater, red high top converse.

• What’s for dinner today?
Maybe spaghetti with Japanese cod roe paste(my favorite) and maybe spaghetti with meat sauce for hubby, he doesn't like fishy taste.

• What would make today special?
If I can play hooky from work and go to the movie with hubby during the day... that will be awesome.

• What would you like to learn to do?
I want to learn to dance hip hop really well. I'd tried it in the past apparently I need more arms & legs coordination. but, I would really like to learn to dance like America's Best Dance Crew :)

• What’s the last thing you bought?
NARS Laguna bronzer and L'OCCITANE Immortelle Elixir.

• What are you listening to right now?
Nothing really... if any, will be those kids songs from Jacob's DVDs that he watches every morning.

• What is your favorite weather?
Like today's. Sunny and breezy. Ahhh... I really wanna move to California.

• What is your most challenging goal right now?
Completely losing my pregnancy weight. It's been more than a year now and I'm still not there yet :(

• Describe your personal style.
Simple clothes with nice accessories, I like either really clean cut or the busiest tropical prints, nothing in between.

• What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Black Walnut from Häagen Dazs.

• What’s your favorite makeup brand?
I have ongoing on and off relationship with MAC, and my heart always belongs to NARS.

I'm taggin-

Make Me Blushhh


Friday Look and Rambling

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A simple look on Friday. I Finally put on some liquid foundation today and some colors on my lids... I haven't been doing much makeup when I was on my trip in Taiwan, the weather was so humid and makes me feel sticky all the time, not very comfortable. But my skin didn't feel as dry and my fine lines disappeared! No wonder girls in Asia looks so young, part of it is the moisture in the air, plus the food of course... in terms of food... I'd gained a few lbs from all the delicious specialty food in Taiwan, ugh! That's the result of being away from home for too long, I ate everything that I'd missed in the past 2 years. When we visited my home town in Tainan, I put hubby on the back of my little scooter, riding around the city, stopping at all the familiar food stands and ate the hell out of it... hahaha :D

Friday face--

Studio Sculpt NC35
Studio Sculpt concealer NC30
MSF Natural medium plus
Smashbox suntan matte bronzer
NARS Luster
NARS Albatross

Espresso - brow
Habanera(mint frost) - all over the lid
Contrast - outer V
Vanilla - brow bone
UD Zero liner
Maybelline Lash Stiletto

Lip Fusion lip plump Clear
YSL Rouge Volupte #2

I brought back a pair of Taiwanese brand circle lenses. Love the look but just like my past experiences, my eyes got tired easily and turn red in about 4 hours... do you all like the lenses sold on the blogs? I hate waiting for the shipping but really tempting to try some.

BTW, Maybelline Lash Stiletto is amazing, it lengthen very well and able to build volume without looking like spider legs, thumbs up :D

That's all for now, have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Small Haul from Taiwan

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hello everyone!!! it's been so long! I was on vacation in Taiwan for a week and a half and I had so much fun! It was so humid there I didn't feel like doing much makeup at all but since I was in Taiwan I had to do some hauling :) I thought I would damage alot since it was the Mother's day promotion time during my stay, but surprisingly I didn't get anything at the department store cosmetic counters. I wasn't impressed with most of the skin care sets, although there are some good deals but I don't like the idea of been forced to get the things I don't need in the sets, I'm a very rational shopper :)

I did get some drug store items, some Asian brand mascaras that I've been wanting to try and the refills of my favorite makeup remover in much cheaper price.

The infamous Mojolica Mojolica mascara base and mascara III edition. People raved about their mascara all the time so I have to try it. I also got the Asia exclusive Revlon One Stroke Colorstay eye liner. It's water proof and it seems to be creamier and more black than the regular Colorstay eye pencil.

KOSE Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil refills. My favorite makeup remover. I did a review before. It was so cheap in Taiwan for about $5 a pack and I am so glad they sell the refills so I didn't have to carry all those bottles back to US :)

I've been using Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner for a while. It's the most hydrated toner in their line. I found the Sana Soya Milk toner very similar to Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner. They are both white and very similar in consistency, a little thick but not too thick, both are very hydrated and have very soothing smell. I'd used a few bottles of them and will continue using them. The Sana one is so much cheaper in Taiwan so I had to grab one :)

Couple things that I got before I went on my trip. My first YSL Rouge Volupte in #2 Sensual Silk. It's sooooo creamy and has this melon taste, soooooo yummy. #2 is a pinkish nude color(yup another pinkish nude) but the coverage is excellent, similar to NARS Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer but much pleasant taste. Also since my Laguna is hitting pan, I decided to try a new bronzer -- Smashbox Bronze Lights in Suntan Matte. Kim Kardashian recommended this, and since I'm a big fan of her makeup I had to give it a try. It's matte and a little darker than NARS Laguna. So far I'm liking it.

Isn't this pretty? That was me and hubby on the beach, it was in a small town in Taiwan near where I lived when I was a kid.


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