Rambling & Copper look(again)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Yay! It's finally Friday, what a long week... Little Jacob's birthday is coming up (Valentine's day), so me and hubby are planning to have his first bday at this Taiwanese Tea House called Oz cafe. Remember when I was pregnant, we constantly visited Oz's cafe cuz I had craving for bubble tea and shabu-shabu all the time. And it was also the first restaurant he visited after he's born :) Yay, OZ... I'm expecting to have a great party and taking lots of pix for him!

Makeup wise, I'm on a orange kick... I've been doing lots of orange/copper looks lately, I know it's getting boring :P I used MAC Coppering here. This is the color I didn't think I would like cuz it's so intense and lots of red undertone, but with lots of blending I ended up liking it alot!
Happy Friday everyone!


Working with Blackground & F21 goodies

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My look today is mainly to test my new Blackground Paint Pot. I've seen so many great looks with Blackground p/p but I wasn't sure this is a must have in my collection. After seeing lollipop26's post I decided to give it a try :)

Black color base supposed to add intensity and depth to any color you use on top, depends on how much black added, u create multiple brownish gradient by mixing black with orange, so the color appears richer...

I used the orange from Well Plum quad from forever ago. The orange color in this quad has very bad color payoff so I can really see if the P/P does its work.
HyperReal 300+400
Select Cover up NW30
Studio Finish concealer NC35
MSF Natural medium plus
MSF Dark/Shimmer
Nuance mineralized blush

Blackground P/P - base
Espresso - brow, Outer V
Shroom - Brow bone, inner highlight
Courage(orange) - all over the lid
Blitz & Glitz FL
CG Lash Blast
L'Oreal Telescope

Lip Fusion lip plump Clear
Naked Space Lipgloss

The color definitely looks more intense on top of Blackground P/P, and it gave a nice smoky kick to the look. But... the texture of this baby really sucks, unlike other P/Ps, it requires lots of blending otherwise it shows up patchy and uneven.

Overall, I like the effect but it does require more works, and sometime you lose the true color by adding too much black or blending too much. I had Sable on top of too much Blackground P/P yesterday, it lost the warm plumy tone and looks more grayish like Satin Taupe... I could just use Satin Taupe instead...

Still, I'm happy to add this to my P/P collection. The effect and versatility worth the extra works imo, great for night time or smoky looks!

I also have some F21 goodies to share! I've been very easy on cloth shopping for awhile since I still have 12 lbs. pregnancy weight on me, ugh...:( I should definitely work on that before I buy more clothes... Anyway, I got these long sleeve shirt and hats that I thought will work with what I have easily... and I like the bold belt that can make a statement with some simple long shirts and dresses.

Now me, hubby and little Jacob all have the same style shirts :)


Gold & Copper FOTD

Monday, January 26, 2009

Here is my Chinese New Years Eve look on Sunday. We invited couple friends to our house and had Chinese hotpot at home. I totally forgot about taking some pix cuz I was too busy eating, and too exhausted from being home cooking whole day.

I was gonna do the typical red and gold look, like Chinese dancing lion but it didn't turn out the way I would like. Should have used the red from Mi'lady wet but I was lazy to do it, and no matter how much I tried to pack it on it was just not red enough. It looks more like copper, so lets call it a gold and copper CNY look :)

HyperReal 300+400
Select Cover up NW30
Studio Finish concealer NC35
MSF Natural medium plus
NARS Laguna Bronzer
NARS Albatross highlighter
Gingerly blush

Urban Decay Honey
Mi'lady MES(red)
Blitz & Glitz FL
CG Lash Blast


Lip Fusion lip plump Clear
Soft Wave Lipgloss

It's busy Monday at work and I'm still not recovering from the busy weekend :( I'm tempting to get the LiLash tho... that might be my last hope for my short Asian lash... Anyone has experiences on it? 


Some MAC Goodies...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I admire Michelle Obabma. She's beautiful inside and out and she's such a supported wife and great mother... she is the role model for all women and she likes MAC cosmetics :) But I am not fond of her inauguration gown, by Taiwanese fashion designer Jason Wu, oh...no... OH NO! It looks like a one shouldered bridal gown to me!

My MAC haul is here. Some from ff sale and some I randomly picked up recently.

168- I always want it but it is not a absolute necessary cuz I love my MAC129 too much. Still it is nice to have when I want some changes.

224- I once had it and returned it, didn't like it before cuz I don't have enough eye space for this fat crease brush. but boy was I wrong. The blendability of this brush is awesome!

- LE blending brush from BBR collection. It's good for defined crease. Nice to have as a collector but not a must have...

208- Need a new brow brush and this is my pick.

Sable and Beauty Marked ES- Sable is my new fond love, a nice shimmery plum brown that looks so natural on me. I always want Beauty Marked but heard it is very hard to work with... finally got it! I haven't tried it yet but it looks so gorgeous in the pan!

Lip condition spf 15- It tastes and smells like vanilla cream, very moisturizing, love to use it before sleep.

Soft Wave and Peroxide lipgloss- Soft Wave is LOVE... it's a brownish frosty color that looks so natural on me, very pretty bronzy nude! Peroxide is light milky pink that goes on sheer, look nice on top of any lipstick.

Hue lipstick- Peachy pinkish nude, good to tone down pigmented lips. However I'm a sucker for pinkish nude lipsticks and I do like this one alot. Similar to Pretty Please but with a touch of peach and more wearable.

Fix +- My old one is running low. Love this stuff, should have got 2.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend everyone... and Happy Chinese New Year!!!


Kim's sexy makeup, freebies and mags

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ummmmmm..... soooo yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy........

Picture from http://kimkardashian.celebuzz.com

Yeah...Kim Kardashian is so YUMMY!!! I don't follow her TV show but I do love her makeup and style(Check out her latest makeup HERE). Regardless of her talent, her body is to die for! Me and hubby watched her porn with Ray J the other day, she was sooooo freaking hot, even tho it's a home video she still appear tasteful and not trashy(I think) She's incredibly sexy that me want to slap her butt too!!!

I broke down and got my free makeups today! I wasn't gonna go cuz the crowd and long line, but seeing so many friends and bloggers' hauls... I finally went after work to the MACY'S that close by my house to get some. The line was insane but it moved fast and thank god it wasn't that cold today. I got Clinique Moisture Surge since mine is almost running out, and also got the Advanced Night Repair that I've been wanting to try... 2 items only but I am contained :)

I went pick up my ViVi subscription at my local Taiwanese book store last weekend and saw the new Queen magazine(beauty bible) arrived so I also pick that up. I've subscribed the Taiwanese ViVi for quite some time and I'm getting a bit tired of it. It was my all time favorite fashion magazine since years ago and I used to buy the JP version here and there before and enjoyed every single page of it..... maybe I am older now and I prefer simpler clothes, the clothing style became all too similar in every issue to me, but I still enjoy reading their makeup section alot. I love Queen magazine, this is the first in depth beauty magazine that's completely Taiwanese style. It is seasonal issue so you have to wait 3 months for a new one and each issue is so big and so satisfying! This issue has a few exciting dramatic party looks, tricks to elongate your eyes for office and night time looks... go pick it up if you can, highly recommend it :)))

I love that purple look... definitely wanna try it some time :)


Belated Smokey Palette Look

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My MAC ff haul finally arrived yesterday. It took them 12 days to ship and there is still something missing in my box. I'll wait til I got my missing order then I will post my haul... they are just some essential anyway :)

I got the Holiday smokey palette in the swap last week and I've been using it for past few days. I had all the dupes in my regular palettes so I didn't want to spend money on this. This palette is so freaking useful and freaking boring that I love it so much! I thrown this in my makeup bag and did my make up on the train in the morning for work. This palette is all I need... its so damn useful that makes me mad!!!

#1 as brow highlight, #2(Satin Taupe) all over the lid, #3(Espresso dupe) as brow color and outer crease. #4 at tear duct and lower lashline high light, #5(Carbon) at outer v.

So boring, I know. but I looooove this palette :)

What's on my face--

HyperReal 300+400
Select Cover up NW30
Studio Finish concealer NC35
MSF Natural medium plus
NARS Laguna Bronzer
NARS Albatross highlighter
Goddess blush
Lip Fusion lip plump Clear
NARS Female Trouble lipgloss


NARS Caravaggio look and Sable

Monday, January 19, 2009

Had a day off today and here is a look that I did... dark pink that I don't usually do since it is not office friendly. I think I won't mind to wear more fun look on daily basis if I can work from home... yeah, wearing makeup sitting at home is fun :) I ended up just staying home playing with little Jacob today cuz it was snowing like crazy when we were ready to step outside...

I used my NARS Caravaggio duo(Azaela pink and irredicent purple). The pink looks scary but it wasn't that bad when apply. I like the burgundy purple on the right alot. I don't think MAC has any purple like that. I had Swish on inner half of my lid, the dark pink in the duo on outer half and the purple in the duo on outer v and crease, Naked Lunch at inner corner and brow highlight. Feline as liner, True Romantic blush on my cheeks, NARS Laguna bronzer and Albatross as highlight(HG! HG!) On my lips I had NARS Turkish Delight on top of Cream d'nude.

And I added a valuable member in my MAC neutral family -- Sable. I always talk myself out not to get anymore browns since I already have too many. But, this really is a beautiful plum brown! Can't believe I missed it all this time...
Sable all over the lid, Softbrown on crease and Carbon on outer v, Ricepaper at inner corner and brow highlight.


Current favorite skincare products

Thursday, January 15, 2009

When come to skin care products, I have no brand loyalty. I will try anything that works under the sun. Yeah, mama is getting old and it is not funny... don't know, maybe one day I will be willing to go under the knife and needle if I am desperate enough?

I have dry/combination skin, I don't break out often and I seldom need to touch up during the day that's how dry I am. So the most important thing for me is hydration, then the anti aging comes second . Unlike most girls in Taiwan, I'm not into whitening products since I always like myself tanner, so less products for me to worry about when come to skin care. But the hardest thing for me is to keep my skin smooth and lines free.... the dry lines + wrinkles annoy the hell out of me :(((

Here I would like to share a few products that I've been using lately and having fair results.

Klein-Becker StriVectin-SD Eye Cream
I've been using this eye cream for almost a year. The best I've ever tried so far and I did try lot in the past. It's very hydrated and fast absorbing. I did find the fine line around my eye area less visible as long as I use this day and night. StriVectin-SD is famous for their stretch mark product and their eye cream has similar ingredient. I like the tube packaging cuz you can really control the amount you need and no need to dip your finger in the product every time you use it. I've been using my first tube for almost a year and I still have some left. Over all I am satisfied with it and I will purchase again when I run out.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
I was never a big fan of the Clinique but this stuff is the SHIT. I'd used 2 bottles of these in the past and I don't plan to stop. It's gel like texture and smells fresh and clean, very hydrated and light on skin, it is especially good for the summer time. My skin is so dry so I do still put on another layer of moisturizer after this during the winter. Sometime I put on a thick layer as over night mask, I wake up next day with baby butt soft skin.

L'Occitane Immortelle Very Precious Cream
Love this anti aging cream. It says night cream on the package but I use it day and night. It contains the essential oil of immortelle flowers that suppose to boosts collagen synthesis, stimulates circulation, and enhances cell renewal... I found the immortelle flowers scent very refreshing. The texture is kindda thick but not greasy. I'd finished a bottle and found the expression line on my forehead and around my mouth soften a bit. I might purchase it again in the future.

I took the advantage on the holiday set and got the Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Cream during the Christmas. I'd heard so many people raved about this cream and finally decided to give it a try. So far, I like it alot. It's an all in one cream that hydrate, protect skin from agressive environment and has antioxidant to help prevent fine line. The smell reminds me of old lady's facial cream, but it doesn't bother me. I also got a small sample from Sephora's beauty insider sample, the Bio-Performance Super Restoring Cream. It's heavier than the Revitalizer Cream and it is target for the more aging and damage skin. I'd used it all up and I like the Revitalizer Cream better.

One more thing that is not really considered skincare but I wanna mention here... is the Lip Fusion Collagen Lip Plump. I was so happy that I got another 2 from ebay for around $18-$22 each, much better than the original $38 price tag. These are my fave lip products lately. I can care less about the color but this is the best lip treatment IMO. I use the clear one every day and night to moisturize my winter dry peeling lips and having great results, my lips are much smoother and fuller everyday. Definitely my HG!
What's the good skincare products that you love and will keep buying?


MAC BBR, brush #226

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How do you like the MAC BBR collection? I mentioned I was going to get the new 214 brush before but after seeing it in person, I changed my mind. The tip of the bristle is not thick and stiff enough as the regular smudge brush imo. Unlike the ones from NARS and Sephora, it is basically just the top half of the MAC 239 in black bristle. Although it is a bit firmer, I can just use the 239 to do the job. The Redhead msf looks so pretty but I didn't get it in the end... lesson learned. I was a MSFs collector before but I slowly sold or swapped away most of my msfs cuz they were just eye candy for me sitting in the bottom of the drawer untouched. To me they are too frosty as highlighter and not pigmented enough as blush... I ended up only keep the ones that I can use as bronzer.

The only thing I got from this collection was the 226 pointed blending brush. I'm a sucker for crease brush of course can't resist this one. The 226 is very pointed, the size is smaller than 224 and 222, it actually reminds me of 219 pencil brush but softer. I don't have 219 so this will be good for detail works. I will do a comparison of all my crease brushes later.

Mac has this widget that gives their fan to upload their own photos to try a new BBR do. I found it hilarious. Go here to get your own look :)


Kat Von D Palette FOTD

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This weekend we took little Jacob to the doctor cuz his running nose didn't get better and he start to cough some . He's too little and doctor usually don't prescribe any medicine for the head cold but we still took him to the doctor just to make sure it is not a flu. Poor baby is so congested and blowing bubbles from his nose...

Here are some shots we took the other night. Little Jacob was so miserable and cranky cus his cold and I was trying to make him going to sleep. We took some pictures and he was amazed by the blinking light on my camera. He loves taking pictures :)

I used this palette the day when we too Jacob to the doctor. Kat Von D Beethoven palette by Sephora. I haven't used it for quite awhile and almost forgot how pretty this palette is. The shadows are quite silky and the color payoff are quite good. There are 8 colors, from matte to glittery, from brow color to highlight... a great all in one palette. I really like the #5, a shimmery muted mauve plum, and #3, a glittery cool tone dark purple. #1 is just like Ricepaper and #4 is a dupe of Mac Espresso, good for my brow.

I used #1-5 for the look(#5 all over the lid, #2 on crease, #3 on outer v, #4 as brow color and #1 as brow highlight). NARS Honolulu Honey on my lips and So Ceylon MSF on cheeks.

Have a great week everyone!


MAC 214, Jacob & Nip/Tuck

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I went on MAC website and wtf... a lot of the brushes are sold out! I guess now is the best time to pick up the expensive brushes since MAC don't usually have the sale like this. Anyway I did pick up 168, 224 and 208. Also pick up a holiday palette for a gf as birthday gift. Too bad the sale is only til today and there is one brush that I really want will release tomorrow on their site, from the Brunette Blonde Redhead collection. This baby-- MAC 214.

Finally MAC has a smudge brush like this, I hope it is not LE. Guess I will just pick it up in the store later.

Little man Jacob start crawling in army style since couple months ago. He just recently start standing up by himself by holding on something. Everytime he does that he will break into a big smile. Hopefully he will start walking pretty soon, I can't wait to chase him around in the house :)

Also did anyone watch Nip/Tuck? I was so excited the new season is back on FX. It's my favorite tv show EVER and I love their new sound track from Kanye West. I didn't know that Breast Cancer does happen to men as well, poor Christian... that also reminded me its time to do mammogram, I def drink too much coffee and diet coke, start living healthier is also in my New Year resolutions. I know I can't totally cut them off but I can at least drink less and drink more green tea instead!
Got to go get the whole season and have Nip/Tuck Marathon sometime :)


MAC FF sale

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So what you gonna get from MAC FF sale online? I might pick up some brushes and restock some basics. The sale is through Jan 8th only. Have fun shopping :)


Weekand Haulage & FOTD

Monday, January 5, 2009

Here is a collective haul from last week. I'm obsess with Lip Fusion now. I don't have thin lips so don't really care about the lip plumping effect but let me tell you, this is the most moisturizing lip stuff , better than any lip balm I've ever used. I put it on like 5 mins before I put on the LS or LG. It smooths the fine line and makes your lips look and feel smooth and juicy, no kidding! It's quite pricy($38) but worth every penny. I got the one in Sweet, a sheer baby pink. I will probably hunt down more on ebay since they sell it alot cheaper there. I also got NARS Honolulu Honey LS, it's beige nude color that's similar to MAC Freckle Tone but better coverage, more on the brownish, orange side but it looks totally natural on me.
I have to say I can rock nude lipstick much better now because of Lip Fusion. It makes my lips look so much smoother and fuller. I looooooove it!

Since I always want this pair of gold metallic high top Converse, I finally broke down and got them this weekend. And guess what, Yellow Rat Buster has buy one get one half price sale and I found another pair that I loved but they didn't have my size before. The black high top with NYC subway map, the 20 Century project LE. I was so happy I got both of them and I got them both for about $92. I became a collector of Converse ever since I was pregnant, I have totally 8 pairs now :)
Also found some cute things at Urban Outfitter sales bin, the little Spiderman and the newsboy hat. They are $10 each. Isn't that Spiderman cute...
Here is me modeling the hat this morning. I loooove newsboy hat. I have too many and never get enough. I used my UD deluxe palette. Some shimmery coppery neutral and MAC Cream d'nude LS on my lips.


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