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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This Saturday we went to a Christmas potluck party at a friend's house. It was snowing like crazy but we still managed to drove about 30 mins to get there. I forgot the camera so there is no pics to share. It's Jacob's first Christmas and he seem to enjoy the cold weather alot. He made funny noise when he's expose in the cold air, it made me smile every time he did that.

I ran out of my makeup remover so I went to the JAS Mart(a Japanese supermarket in NYC) to pick up some during the weekend. I am not a big Japanese cosmetics fan. the reason why is the color payoff is always a disappointment and I am not a sucker for fancy packages either. I'm always attracted to slick and professional packages. But I do have to admit that the JP product lines always have the better skincares and makeup accesories, things like makeup removers, masks and cotton cleaning pads... are few of my favorites.

My number 1 favorite makeup removers is--

Biore Make-up Remover Perfect Oil

I stock up on this when I went back to Taiwan. This was really popular back then everyone was using it. It has the consistency of oil but it is not oily if that makes sense. You can just use this like facial cleanser with your hand wet and all the makeups will come off completely and your face feels soft and clean, and you don't need to use the facial cleanser again. I don't use eye makeup removers cuz I don't like to constantly rob my eyes and I'm just to lazy for the extra step, so this is a real live saver! I'd used bottles and bottles of this and finally ran out. I decided to give other brands a try. But I'll def. stock this up again on my next trip back to Taiwan.

KOSE Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil

This thing does its job, but you do need to 1. use it with dry hand and 2. clean with facial cleanser afterward. But it does take off the makeup pretty well! This one is emphasized in deep cleaning it supposes to helps remove old skin and helps treat blotched skin, freckles, and even pimples. I think I did notice a little brighter complexion after using it for awhile.

MANDOM Cleansing Express Agecare (Q10)

This is the popular one everybody was raving about! I happened to grab the last bottle on the shelf at JAS mart, lucky me :) This one is very watery but it IS an express product! I don't use cotton pad, I just use it as facial cleanser and gently rob my whole face with this, it takes off the makeup fast and don't need cleanser afterward.

Over all I will say they all works very well compare with some of the US products I have ever tried. I just hope that some US manufacture can come up with the makeup remover like these... as we have to pay more for these babies and we go through them like crazy. I can get Biore Make-up Remover Perfect Oil for about $7 in Taiwan and they sell it for $14 here, bleh :(

Here is the look on Sat for friend's potluck party. I use the same color in Cool holiday palette (light purple and the dark blue). it's similar to Cream de Violet + Contrast. I guess I am really into purple lately :)


M December 23, 2008 at 11:08 PM  

ohhh la la, i love going to JAS Mart! that place is dangerous for my wallet

chtsaic January 6, 2009 at 1:12 PM  

Biore's makeup removers work pretty well for me. But since I couldn't find those cheap and nice prodcuts in US. I've been using Ponds cold cream instead. At the begining, I never thought I would finish that jar of oily, greasy cream, but I did finish the whole jar at the end. 1. I just put the cream all over my makeup face, and wash my face with a soft cloth with warm water. 2. I do need to use cleanser afterwards. It does cleanse my face thoroughly and saves me a lot of money. :)

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