Friday, December 30, 2011

If you are interested in anything please leave comment below or you can email me at shung1005@yahoo.com with following information:
1. The item(s) in which you are interested.
2. Your e-mail for your Paypal account.

3. Your location (US or Canada).

* US & Canada only.
* For US shipping is $3.50 for one item, for each additional add $.25
For Canada shipping is $5 for one item, for each additional add $.25
* Payment must be paid right away, first come, first serve
* Items will be shipped within 3 days after payment received
* All Sales Are Final. Thank you :)

* Most items are lightly used. Double click picture to see the detail. Pictures are taken down as items are sold.

MAC Holiday Palette Cool Eyes - $14
NARS Eye Shadow Palette
9947 - $18(sold)

Stila 4 pan compact with 4 single neutral shadow pans (Kitten, Wheat, Oasis, Golightly- shadows are removable) - $17
Urban Decay Ammo Eye Shadow Palette - $17

Dior Holiday Palette 5 Golds 001 - $30(sold)
MAC Shadowy Lady Eye Shadow Quad -

MAC Eye Shadow Pot - $5 each
French Cuff(sold), Ego(sold),
Aquavert(sold), Gorgeous Gold(sold)

MAC Eye Shadow Pan
- $5 each
Top Roll - Antiqued(sold), Embark(sold), Sketch(sold), Beauty Mark(depotted)
Middle Roll - Soft Brown(sold), Folie(sold), Texture(sold), Expensive Pink(sold)
Bottom Roll - Creme De Violet(sold), Stars 'N' Rockets, Steamy(sold)

MAC Refined Mineralize Skinfinish - $12(sold)
MAC Blush of Youth Beauty Powder -

NARS Limited Edition Multiple Tint Cadaques
- $17(sold)
NARS Limited Edition Multiple Tint Turks & Caicos - $17(sold)

NARS Duo Eye Shadow Iceland - $12
NARS Duo Eye Shadow Habanera - $12(sold)
NARS Duo Eye Shadow Underworld -$11(sold)

MAC Shadestick Sharkskin - $5
MAC Shadestick Lemon Chiffon - $5(sold)

MAC Limited Edition Lipstick (Left to Right)
Most Popular, Lavender Whip(sold) - $5 each
Way To Love (sold) - $12

NARS Kabuki Artisan Brush - $18
MAC 109 - $16 (sold)

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner - $7 each
Spandex (Brand New with Box)
Baked (Brand New without Box)

Victoria Secrets PRO Lasting FX Eyeshadow Primer (Brand New with Box) - $5

Thank you~


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