Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I had a great one... it was full of gift opening (for my little man), lots of shopping and of course I ate too much holiday sweets! Well... I usually don't worry about anything until after New Years. So for now lets just enjoy the time we have... the sweeter the better!

Here are some family holiday pics to share. Little Jacob and hubby were opening their gifts. Christmas eve was hubby's birthday and we also celebrated his birthday with his family on Christmas day. 2 boys had terrific time!
hubby got some nice sweaters... little Jacob loved the wrapping papers(I guess all babies do?)

Jacob got some sweaters too... still loved the wrapping papers better

cousin Alissia(3 mos) and Jacob(10 mos). They look so cute crawling together :)

Christmas day I was trying to play with some of my old MAC. I was in the hurry so just did a quick look and nothing too dramatic. I used MAC Goldmine and Cranberry on my eyes. MAC Other Worldly blush on my cheeks. God, I really love that blush it's LE and I always forget to use it . In my opinion it is one of the best blush MAC had ever made... especially for warm tone girls. If you love bronzy look, this is the blush you def need to track down and get a back up or 2 if you can find it. I used NARS Sandpiper on my lips. I am really into NARS lipglosses lately. After using NARS glosses for awhile, MAC glosses became too sticky for me. I do plan to swap most of my MAC glosses away and only keep some LE ones.

This is today's look. Boxing day we went shopping and try to exchange hubby's new coat. I got him a Ralph Lauran winter coat for his birthday which was too small. I had my hat on and purple makeup. yeah can't you tell how much I love purple...

Here is what I got for Christmas from hubby...
A Tiffany charm locket bracelet with Jacob's initial and MAC134. I was super excited. I've been wanting to get MAC134... I think I have all the MAC brushes that I want now. I initially wanted the snow flake charm bracelet but the charm was kinda big and it was just not very me so I exchanged for the locket with Jacob's initial which I really love! I also got the Converse Gold leather high top from hubby, too. But he ordered the wrong size so we sent it back. I'm just greatful to have the things I want and I hope he truly loves the gifts I pick up for him as well.

on the side note. Sephora is having a big sell online starting Dec 25th. Some holiday sets have good mark down and lots of Vincent Longo stuff are 50% off. I finally broke down and got this today--NARS 2008 Holiday Palette

I got it for $45, not much a sell but well, NARS, what can I do with you... the colors are just really pretty and I can see myself make good use of it. I will do a review after I receive it.

I guess that's it for now... time to go to bed, have a good night, ciao~


Kimberly Tia December 28, 2008 at 11:06 AM  

mmmmmm NARS... NARS is sooo pricey, but soooo deelish isn't it!?!?!? Ive been obsessed with NARS blushes, and have had my eye on that shadow palette and a few of their contouring and blush sticks...

and just love your new tiffany's bracelet, a gal can never have too much from Tiff's!

love your blog!! you're very pretty!!!!

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