Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I am sorry to say but anyone like me think the MAC Dame Edna package is hideous? The red glittery sticker on the pastel purple package? come on MAC! This is not from the professional design team, this is from your kid's craft room. Last time they did shrink wrap on Fafi, and now they do this sticker thing and the sticker is not even well made. The color swatches are pretty but I've been turn off by MAC's LE package so many times and it is getting worse. The good thing is I'm finally done with MAC LE, I'm not into collecting LE anymore and that save my whole lots of money :)

So here it is... the look this morning using my brand new NARS 9947 holiday palette.

I love this palette! you can easily use all the colors to create different looks. I've been wanting to get Himalayas since I first got into NARS but never did. It looks white but it has pink duo chrome once you apply, sort of like MAC Pink Opal, or Nano Gold es. Night Flight looks blue but it applys just like your regular shimmery black. I've heard so many people rave about Ondine, a shimmery plum brown. I do like it but don't find it too special since I can easily find a dupe from my MAC neutrals. Bohemian Gold is a pretty peachy orange, it's like more pigmented orgasm blush in ES form. Surabaya is a rich redish brown and I like it on the crease. Kilimanjaro is light gold that makes your eyes pop. Over all I think this palette is a good buy that you got all the pretty colors from NARS that's special enough. Some poeple think there are too many shimmery colors and lack of the basics, like a matte brown or or more tone down highlight color, but I really don't mind :)
I used Ondine all over the lid, Surabaya on crease with a little touch of Night Flight on outer v. Himalayas as brow highlight and Kilimanjaro on my inner corner. I had Luster on my cheeks and Chihuaha lipgloss on lips.

I am wearing this T-shirt that I got from F21. Its cute with Chococat on it, and it reminds me of my hubby :)
He saw me wear it the other day and he was like "what does that mean? it's a nerdy cat and it is black? Are you making fun of me?" lol... yeah, hubby is cute and nerdy and I love him. He is smart and always study, I am proud of him :)

The other look I did wearing the same shirt. I had MAC Gorgeaus Gold on lid, Rule on crease and Bronze on outer crease. Hope every one had a great New Years Eve! I'm determine to follow my new year resolutions! Have a great year everyone...


M January 3, 2009 at 1:20 AM  

i lovvvve that second look!

and the tshirt is so cute <3

chtsaic January 6, 2009 at 1:35 PM  

you guys are a cute couple!!

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