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If you are interested in anything please leave comment below or you can email me at shung1005@yahoo.com with following information:
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3. Your location (US or Canada).

* US & Canada only.
* For US shipping is $3.50 for one item, for each additional add $.25
For Canada shipping is $5 for one item, for each additional add $.25
* Payment must be paid right away, first come, first serve
* Items will be shipped within 3 days after payment received
* All Sales Are Final. Thank you :)

* Most items are lightly used. Double click picture to see the detail. Pictures are taken down as items are sold.

MAC Holiday Palette Cool Eyes - $14
NARS Eye Shadow Palette
9947 - $18(sold)

Stila 4 pan compact with 4 single neutral shadow pans (Kitten, Wheat, Oasis, Golightly- shadows are removable) - $17
Urban Decay Ammo Eye Shadow Palette - $17

Dior Holiday Palette 5 Golds 001 - $30(sold)
MAC Shadowy Lady Eye Shadow Quad -

MAC Eye Shadow Pot - $5 each
French Cuff(sold), Ego(sold),
Aquavert(sold), Gorgeous Gold(sold)

MAC Eye Shadow Pan
- $5 each
Top Roll - Antiqued(sold), Embark(sold), Sketch(sold), Beauty Mark(depotted)
Middle Roll - Soft Brown(sold), Folie(sold), Texture(sold), Expensive Pink(sold)
Bottom Roll - Creme De Violet(sold), Stars 'N' Rockets, Steamy(sold)

MAC Refined Mineralize Skinfinish - $12(sold)
MAC Blush of Youth Beauty Powder -

NARS Limited Edition Multiple Tint Cadaques
- $17(sold)
NARS Limited Edition Multiple Tint Turks & Caicos - $17(sold)

NARS Duo Eye Shadow Iceland - $12
NARS Duo Eye Shadow Habanera - $12(sold)
NARS Duo Eye Shadow Underworld -$11(sold)

MAC Shadestick Sharkskin - $5
MAC Shadestick Lemon Chiffon - $5(sold)

MAC Limited Edition Lipstick (Left to Right)
Most Popular, Lavender Whip(sold) - $5 each
Way To Love (sold) - $12

NARS Kabuki Artisan Brush - $18
MAC 109 - $16 (sold)

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner - $7 each
Spandex (Brand New with Box)
Baked (Brand New without Box)

Victoria Secrets PRO Lasting FX Eyeshadow Primer (Brand New with Box) - $5

Thank you~


Tarte TEN Natural Cheek Stain Review

Friday, September 24, 2010

As I'm getting older I found myself interested in cream product more. I have dry skin and powder just don't sit on my face nicely and I really don't like the powdery look. I ventured out to try more cream blushes awhile ago and found a few products that I'm pretty impressed about. They give me this dewy and more youthful look that I'm looking for.

I've heard people talked about Tarte cheek stains and saw this at Sephora the other day - Tarte TEN Natural Cheek Stain. It was a limited edition item and the package is different from their regular cheek stain, kinda glamorous and cute. For $30 I thought it's a bit pricey but it's such a soft nuetral baby pink and I just can't say no to it :p I've never tried Tarte's products before but do know that the brand always use natural ingredient claiming to be good for your skin. Here is what they said on the Sephora Website -

"This best seller is all new in a limited-edition sleek, gold-studded tube in Tarte's signature dark purple and limited-edition shimmering bright pink shade to invigorate all complexions. Powered by the T5 Super Fruit Complex™, this nutrient-rich natural cheek stain fights free radical damage while treating skin with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals."

And they claim that the product formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phthalates.

It looks like a soft baby pink and goes on to the skin very sheer, I don't have to worry about over doing it. It's not sticky, easy to blend and I can build up the color easily. I just use my finger gently tap it on to my cheeks so it won't mess up the already applied foundation and concealer. I do like that it is easy to use and how dewy it makes my skin looks, but I found that as it goes on to my cheeks, it turns warmer and more peachy color than how it looks in the container, the neutral baby pink.

Over all I do recommend the product coz the application and how natural looking it is, just wish that the color doesn't turn warmer when it's on the skin. I will be checking out more colors on their regular line since I do like the quality of the product. Do you like creamy blushes? Anything worth trying?


My Small Etude House Lippie collection *LOVE*

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Etude House VIP Girl Lipsticks. OR206, PK006, PK007 (from left to right)

I've been loving these lippes from Etude House lately. I actually have them for awhile just never got a chance to do a review. Etude House is Korean brand that is known for their cute package, good quality and affordable price. The lipsticks I got are from their VIP girl collection. The VIP girl lipsticks are around for awhile, they're all very bright, creamy and pigmented. I ordered mine from ebay since there is no store around me sell Etude House products.

I ordered my first one from an Ebay seller for $10 including shipping (from Korea), not too bad. Guess which is the first one I got? Yes, PK007, the nudest baby pink one, since it's my favorite type of color I thought it won't go wrong. After I received my first one, I was so impressed with the color, I went ahead and ordered 2 more colors.

These lipsticks are so creamy (remind me of MAC Cremesheen) and don't feel heavy on the lips which is a big plus for me! The staying power is good enough and they have this fruit scent that smell so yummy and not over powering. The color selections are kinda limited, around 7-8 shades as I remember... they are all very bright and candy like colors.

From left to right. OR206, PK006, PK007.

OR206 is bright coral pink, PKoo6 is bright hot pink, and PK007 is bright baby pink. I like PK007 the most and it is a really nude color. I think it has similar effect as YSL Rouge Volupte #7 Lingerie Pink. So if you like the YSL you will probably love this one. I will say it is right between YSL Lingerie Pink and MAC GaGa lipstick?




Etude House Peach Water Gloss in Peach Milk and Strawberry Milk (left to right)

I also ordered these lip glosses from the same seller. They are Etude House Peach Water Gloss, around $8 each (including shipping). I got the Peach Milk and Strawberry Milk. The Strawberry Milk is blue tone pink with shimmer and the Peach Milk is peachy pink color and no shimmer. Just like the name, they smell like peach and the consistency is not too thick, not sticky at all. They are kinda sheer but do show up on my lips. I like to layer them on top of the VIP lipsticks or just any pink lipsticks. They are comfortable on the lips and taste so good. I do like them alot.
Strawberry Milk(left) and Peach Milk

Over all I'm pretty impressed with these lippies. I was never a big fan of Asian drugstore cosmetics but now I want to try more coz I like these babies so much! Have you every tried any Etude House products or any of the Korean cosmetics? What's your favorite?


Stila Trendsetting in Tokyo Travel Palette Review/FOTD

Monday, September 13, 2010

I was never a big fan of Stila and only own couple of their shadows before. Even tho I really like the concept of lip and cheeks convertible colors, I've never found a color I really love. I saw couple peoples reviews about these travel palettes and I was totally attracted by the convertible color(Sakura) in this pallet and decided to track it down. It's such a neutral baby pink that is not too cool or warm, I can see it works so well on my cheeks and lips.

Since I have no access to Ulta and I did not want to pay expensive shipping for this pallet on Stila.com, I pick this up at Urban Outfitter for $10, such a great buy for a Stila palette. It contains 4 eyeshadows and 1 convertible color.

I'd used it for a few times ever since I got it. What do I think? We all know that Stila's shadows are famous for their soft, buttery texture and vibrant color, but for these shadows, they are really not that great. They're like drugstore eyeshadows I have to say... they're not as pigmented as their regular line, and feel kinda chalky. My favorite color will be Sake, the light beige one, it has gold sheen and actually looks pretty when I pile it on.

The convertible color Sakura..... was a totally different story. I'm in LOVE with this color. It's such a lovely color which doesn't turn red on my cheek(most baby pink blushes do). The texture is so creamy and easy to blend, and I really really like it on my lips (more than cheeks)!

I hope that Stila will consider making this convertible color a permanent item, I will totally buy it over and over again even it is $25 (regular price). But $10 for this palette? it is a steal IMO just for the convertible color alone. I can be careless about the shadows, actually I might just cut it in half so the powders not gonna get into the blush cream. It always gets messy when they do the palette like this, not a very good idea...

Sakura. How lovely... love the name too :)

Here is me with the whole palette on my face. Kawai on the lid, Sake under brown bones and inner corner, the black color (no name) on my outer corner and Shibuya on lower lash line. Sakura convertible color on my cheeks and lips.

with flash...

I really like it on my lips :)

The Stila travel pallets are LE so grab them while you can ;)


Foundation Routine - Missha Perfect Cover BB is LOVE

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Missha Perfect Cover BB cream (NO.23), my new love!

I was kinda skeptical at first coz some of the BB creams make me look ashy and most of the BB creams in the market are for around NC30 or paler(I'm right around NC30-35). Since I became paler during the winter I decided to give BB a try. I was originally drawn to the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream because of its high SPF(SPF 42), I love that it is a multipurpose product, sun scream, anti aging cream, foundation and concealer... all in one, how great is that :) Here is the description on the tube -

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream actually come with 3 shades (#21 Light Beige, #23 Natural Beige and #31 Golden Beige) and #23 suits me the best. The consistency is very creamy, gives a light to medium coverage and very buildable. It is definitely heavier than tinted moisturizer but not as heavy as medium coverage foundation. It smells nice and feels very moisturizing. The color goes on a bit lighter at first but since it is self adjust to suit your skin tone, it blends in in like 5 mins. The finish is semi matte and the coverage is very buildable. Some days I use it alone for a quick coverage but most of the time I like to use my Sephora #55 Airbrush, mix 2 pumps of BB cream and a bit MAC Strobe cream, it gives me a natural, dewy look that I really like. After that I will dab some more BB cream on my under eye and the sun spots on my cheek bones and it covers quite well as concealer.

The most impressive thing is, I've been using it for couple of months now and I actually see the sun spots on my cheek bones faded quite a bit. This product does work!

I really love this product. I'd almost finished my first tube (already have a brand new one stand by) that's how much I love it :)

Using alone for more matte look or mixing with strobe cream for the dewy look.

Just a everyday look with my Missha BB cream :)


Sephora Pink Ballerina Lip Gloss

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I've been in love with these glosses lately -- Sephora Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss. I got a mini set from Sephora birthday gift a while ago, didn't think I would like them since I wasn't impressed with Sephora brand before. I decided to try them one day and can't stop wearing them since! After wearing MAC for so long and so used to their sticky glosses, these feel so fresh on. They're not sticky at all and taste like cherry candy.

Because they are not sticky, the staying power is not as good as mac or other stickier glosses but they're not too bad compare to the drugstore ones. I don't mind to reapply more frequent since they feel so comfortable on, plus, I think they really moisturize my lips.

Since I like the mini set so much. I pick up a full size one in Pink Ballerina. It's a very light baby pink. no shimmer. It goes well with all the baby pink lippies I have :)

I found myself leaning toward to cheaper brands when come to lip glosses, NYX mega shine, BBW's and now the Sephora ones...

What's your favorite glosses?


NARS Pleasures of Paris FOTD and some rambling...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hello everyone~ sorry for been MIA for awhile, I've been so overwhelmed with work and family... and haven't been feeling too excited about makeup. I did manage to do some damage at Saks and Sephora F&F, I didn't need anything just didn't wanna miss the annual sale... lol. I pick up some YSL lipsticks, a sephora airbrush and NARS new foundation, maybe I will do a post on my next post.

I've been doing neutral look everyday, even on the weekend. I'm really loving this NARS Pleasure of Paris palette, nothing exciting it's just very very easy to use. I can make good use of every single color in it, the kind of palette that really get your money worth :)

- Fez all over the lids
- Nepal inner corner
- Abyssinia brow bone
- Cordura outer v

On my lips I have infamous Kim Kardashian's favorite lip combo -
MAC Angel + NARS Turkish Delight
(I haven't touched them both for really long time...)

I found myself ignore my NARS duo eyeshadows for long time because of their packing. I have to go through all of them to pick the names then open each of them if I want to mix and match the colors... I love NARS sophisticated black rubber case but it's preventing me from using them now :( Do you guys have the same trouble? I found myself stick with MAC shadows most of the time when I'm hurry in the morning.

It's a pain to go through them every time...

these are much easier...

I got my contest price from Cathy.

She let me pick two VS items and I pick the eye primer and 24K silky eye shadow. I haven't tried the primer yet but I LOVE 24K. It's a true gold color, soooo pretty! She also included whole bunch of stuff in the package... thank you Cathy :)


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