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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Nars came yesterday! It only took about 3 days. It came in a small regular tan packing box which I think MAC should do the same cuz that black little box looks slick but its def attract attention. and it just makes me worry that someone will steal it when the UPS throw it in front of my house. Anyway, here is the goodies--

Sin blush, Stage Beauty ES, and 3-Piece Duo Lip Gloss Set

Yeah, I took advantage of MAC 25% Holiday discount and got the Cool Palette. I wasn't going to get any of the MAC holiday stuff since I really think the package is cute but crappy and the colors are all dupable. But well, it's 25% off so I grabbed it anyway... out of all the palettes this one is my favorite and all colors are LE.

I did a look with Stage Beauty this morning. I am glad I pick this one, it's a freebie but it will definitely be a valuable member in my NARS collection. It's very neutral, good for work everyday. It looks like Shroom and Texture on me. Shroom all over, texture on the crease and outer lid. You can't go wrong with MAC classic and Stage Beauty is just the same.

HyperReal 300/400
Select Cover up NW30
Studio Finish concealer NC35

MSF Natural medium plus

Soft Ochre p/p
NARS Stage Beauty Duo
Blitz & Glitz f/l
CG LashBlast
NYX Doll Eye mascara

Clinique Golden Bronze shimmer powder
NARS Madly
NARS Albatross

Smith's Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm

It's such a easy quick look for work. And I want to say I am really loving my HyperReal foundation... it's glowing and moisturizing, good for my super dry winter skin.

It takes some time to take the photo and posting the pictures but I think I start to get the hang of it. Yeah! there will be more to come.


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